The Guardian Foundation

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Normalizing the lives of abused and neglected children

The Guardian Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation that was established in 1993 to support the work of the Guardian ad Litem Program in the 8th Judicial Circuit. The Foundation provides resources not available through state funding to help normalize the lives of abused, neglected and/or abandoned children by offering the same opportunities afforded children outside the dependency system

Every Child Deserves and Wants to be Treated Like They are “Normal”

The children in the Florida State Dependency System do not live in a normal world. They do not have the advantages of participating in school activities and day-to-day experiences taken for granted by most families. They often feel they are outsiders and do not fit in with their peers.

The Guardian Foundation gives abused and neglected children a chance to fit in and have the natural experiences and advantages of childhood, experiences that help them grow and mature into healthy, productive adults.

The Foundation Supports the Children and the Guardian ad Litem Program

  • Provides grants for after school activities, clubs or athletic memberships, uniforms and equipment, camp scholarships, prom dresses, extraordinary basic needs, gift cards for birthdays, special occasions, teenagers in independent living, and “be an Angel” Holiday Project.
  • Supports Volunteers working directly with the children through training, recognition, and recruiting.
  • Advocates for GAL Program State funding and legislation.
  • Educates the public about the Guardian ad Litem Program and being a community team member for child advocacy.

Monetary donations to the Guardian Foundation can be made to help normalize children’s lives over the course of the year. Checks would be made out to The Guardian Foundation.

The Guardian Foundation, Inc., is a 501c 3 organization and accordingly gifts to the Foundation qualify as a charitable contributions deduction. Tax deductible contributions to the Guardian Foundation, Inc., can be sent to the Guardian ad Litem office at 14 S. Main Street, Gainesville FL 32601.

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Contact the Foundation: Susan Faulkner-O’Neal, 352-745-1212,